Foot Pain Shoe Insoles
Foot Pain Shoe Insoles
Foot Pain Shoe Insoles
Foot Pain Shoe Insoles
Foot Pain Shoe Insoles
Foot Pain Shoe Insoles
Foot Pain Shoe Insoles

High Heels Comfort Insole

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Sick of feet pain from high heels? Tired of heel pain and blisters? Search no more.

  • NO MORE BLISTERS AND HEEL PAIN: These high quality shoe liners provide the ultimate heel protection, pain relieving support and an added comfort to your heels.
  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION: They help prevent blisters, calluses and cuts that can cause pain. They help reduce impact when walking, running and dancing. With the enhanced new design of the side and back protection padding, it helps prevent chafing and the annoying rubbing of the heels, while holding them in place.
  • SUPER ADHESIVE: Our High Heel Cushion Pads have a very strong adhesive, peel off back that keeps them in place all day and all night.
  1. Simply peel off the protective film to reveal the sticky backing of the pads.
  2. Place the inserts on the inside heel of your shoe.
  3. Press firmly to the heel section of your shoe.comfort high heel insoles
  • NO HEELS SLIPPING IN LOOSE SHOES: These High Heel Cushion Pads are designed to fit the contour of the heel section of your shoe. They reduce the size of your shoe about a quarter (¼) inch which makes the shoes fit a bit snugger. The foam material prevents your heels from slipping out of your shoes
  • GREAT FOR ANY SHOE: Our High Heel Cushion Pads are perfect for high heels, flats, pumps, boots, loafers and athletic foot wear. These Heel Cushion Pads work in women's shoes to fight blisters. These are a much-needed foot protection, pain relieving accessory for any shoes.
  • Definitely designed to support and protect your heels from pain, blister and callus. Wear these pads every time you wear your high heel shoes, especially during long periods of standing.
  • It can also give you solution to wear shoes that are oversized as it gives additional fitness inside. Adjusting the length of your shoes can be possible with the help of these pads. Having a strong adhesive that absolutely keep heels from slipping out.
  • Walk like a beauty queen as you wear your confidence with the shoes. 

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